I am spending time getting my kitchen in shape to streamline the process of providing nutrient-dense and yummy foods for our family.  I plan to take part in the pantry challenge over at GoodCheapEats.com.  In addition to the pantry, the refrigerator needs some love.

Did you know that by keeping the contents of your refrigerator organized you can save both time and money? By holding the door open and staring into the black hole that is your fridge, you can cause more loss of cold air. As a result, the refrigerator will consume more energy and have to run longer to keep it cool.

Hate to tell you this: but no matter how organized your refrigerator, your kids will likely still hold the door open while staring mindlessly into the fridge!

1. Meal Planning

Meal planning will help you to organize the contents of your refrigerator better by reminding you to use up leftovers and also by ensuring you have everything you need on hand when it’s time to cook.  This is something that’s new to me, so I’m getting help from TheNourishingHome.com.  I’m kinda loving Ziplist.com as an all-in-one cookbook and menu planning device.  Pretty nifty how I can pull the recipes I want to prepare for the week, add them to the menu plan, and then a shopping list is automatically generated for me!  And now they’ve added grocery deals to the mix.  Way cool!

2. Use Clear Storage Containers with Lids

It is easier to find the food you are looking for if you can see inside the containers. You don’t have to spend a fortune on containers either. Keep your eyes open at thrift stores or garage sales for glass storage containers and use them to store leftover foods.  We are slowly switching over from plastics to all glass.  We’ll get there someday.

Clean as a Whistle (whatever that means)
Chiot’s Run / Foter / CC BY-NC

If your leftovers are often thrown away because you forget to eat them, you might want to even take it a step further and label the leftovers with the date you cooked it and put it in the refrigerator. Also, when putting leftovers away, be sure to rotate the contents of your fridge so older food is in the front, while today’s leftovers are in the back. This will help keep spoilage to a minimum.

3. Clean Your Fridge Regularly

Once a week go through the fridge to clean it out, throwing out leftovers that were not eaten and wiping down shelves that have had food spilled on them. Wipe off bottle lids that have food dripped on the sides. It is so much easier to keep a refrigerator clean if you don’t allow the spills to set to such a degree that it takes a chisel to get them off!

Stay organized and on your way to a neat kitchen by keeping your refrigerator clean and organized!



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So I’ve been dealing with the osteoarthritis in my hip getting so bad I actually went in for an xray to see why I was in so much pain. Go figure … bone on bone does hurt. I’ve scheduled surgery for May, but in the meantime I elected to have a cortisone shot to alleviate the pain.  It turns out right after the visit to my surgeon, my hip more or less went out of socket and wouldn’t go back in.  The wait to get in to have the shot was excruciating … pun intended.507

Being bed-ridden for about a week gives you lots of time to think. And I’ve been thinking it’s time to get serious about my health … and that of my family. This past summer I took up the habit of having a green smoothie a day. It’s amazing what happens when you incorporate fruits and vegetables into your diet! My energy has increased and I’ve dropped 30 pounds.

Since having the cortisone shot, I am relatively pain-free.  Now I want to step up my game and start moving my body.  I also have decided to be more intentional about my diet.  I am going to continue the smoothies, but I am going to be sure that the foods I am eating are packed full of nutrients too. I want to be sure to up my protein intake since I will be exercising, so I am opting to get a lot of my nutrition from an all-inclusive program to add to my smoothies.  Sure, it’s an investment, but aren’t I worth it?558

In addition to healthy, delicious breakfast & lunch smoothies by #1 natural nutrition company in the U.S., the program includes meal & snack bars, energizing herbal tea, and a natural metabolism booster, plus 180 days of motivating daily BURST interval training. I like that the workouts are just three minutes a day … having not worked out in a very long time, I need to take baby steps! I am also a part of a community where we can share our trials and successes, along with healthy recipes and other resources. It helps with the accountability, don’t you know?

Who else is making health a priority in this new year? Wanna join our community? Check us out here.



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I’ve got so much clutter and so much stuff all over the place – papers especially – I will never feel organized. Another trip to buy containers is not going to help. You know it’s bad when you have to figure out some way to organize your containers!!! A few more shelves here and a few more baskets there will not help!


Isn’t it Flylady who says you can’t organize clutter? It’s time to let go. I’ve made some headway with letting go of “stuff.” I was thrilled today to pull out of my closet over 20 hangers. You know what that means … someone will benefit from all the clothing I recently donated. Funny thing is, I still have questionable items hanging in my closet. I’m using the trick of turning around the hangers, and in six months, I will re-visit the closet to see if I’ve actually worn those pieces of clothing.

It is time for an honest assessment of the things I own. I can guarantee I will be getting rid of a lot more things. Books, tools, boxes of who-knows-what, spare parts, junk…junk…junk. And who needs that many office supplies? My name is Kalynn, and I’m an office supplies addict! I think my affliction has gotten much worse since becoming a homeschool mom. You can really accumulate a lot in seven years. And we’re not even talking about all the curricula.

I just purchased the newest ebook Drowning in Clutter? by Dana White, “Nony” of ASlobComesClean.com.  She’s so stinking hilarious!  Love her stuff.  I need all the help I can get with de-cluttering.  And she’s been there, done that.  So I’m looking to the expert to get my groove on …

Some folks are courageous and will have a garage sale to help clear some space. Not me. I’m all about donating. And I’m excited to see in the pile of mail a big yellow card indicating a donation truck will be swinging by our neighborhood next week!

A bunch of lovely ladies are hosting a New Year’s Organizing Revolution.  Guess where they’re starting?  Yeppers … one of my hot spots … the office/desk.

A Bowl Full of Lemons

So who’s with me? Wanna get rid of things you don’t need, clear off some counters, empty out a drawer or two?  Let me know if you are up for the challenge.



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Image courtesy of FrameAngel at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Well, here it goes … my first blog entry!  (Cue the dramatic, scary music)

Rather than have a long list of resolutions, I have chosen a theme to guide me this year. Have you all heard of Ali Edwards’ one little word? Although I’m not much for scrap booking or anything along those lines, I love words, so I thought I’d try out blogging instead. My hope for the new year is to chronicle my journey as I learn to NURTURE my family and my self.

What does it mean to nurture?  Nurture means to bring up, to help develop and grow, and to provide with nourishment.  Well, my husband and I are right in the midst of bringing up our two daughters, helping them develop and grow, providing them with nourishment. My goal is to be much more intentional in the process and hopefully do a better job.  Unfortunately, I have forgotten about nurturing my self somewhere along the way – helping me to develop and grow – and I sure as heck haven’t  been diligent when it comes to providing nourishment to my self!

I think the first step is for me to spend a chunk of quiet time putting pen to paper to examine the areas of my life which need the most nurturing.  The goals, hopes, and dreams section of the ebook Organizing Life as Mom should come in handy for this process.  I might just have to get The Blogger Pack add-on now that I’ve started this adventure though!





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