Using your cell phone while it is charging has some potential dangers. Covering the gadget with your body, dress or bedding likewise, has the potential danger of fire or burst from the cell phone which can do serious harm to the body. Not so long before, an Indian child’s hand has been harmed when the telephone exploded from an assumed extended radiation that was caused by low battery. This child has used a non-embraced Chinese charger, and this is the reason of the accident. This implies that everybody should stay away from these fake chargers that cause danger of impacts and explosions, and they can be a reason for serious damage to your body.

Some people think the gathered fact that cell phones discharge radiation when the battery is low is valid. However, low battery is not the offender, but the weak sign is. The weak sign your cell phone is getting causes it to work harder and transmit more radiation.

Various big companies, for example, Samsung advise that the clients avoid non-supported chargers when they charge their cell phones.

In November 2013, a 28-year old man died while lying shirtless on an iPhone 4s which was charging with a non-supported third-party charger. The man’s dad discovered him dead, with burn marks on his chest. The reason for death was suspected to be electric shock.

In June 2014, a USB telephone charger was the reason of an Australian women’s death, mother of two kids. She was killed after the flawed charger sent a high current through her body all through the earphones while she was talking on the telephone. Additionally, her telephone had likewise been connected to a wall socket. This incident was utilised to raise the awareness about cheap gadgets to warn the buyers about the sale of unapproved USB chargers in New South Wales.

There have been many other reports of deaths connected with utilising a plugged-in cell phone while batting, which is unsafe.

At last, none of the incidents resulted from expanded radiation, nor would a low battery be the reason for expanded cell radiation.

Are there safety measures that must be practised while utilising a cell phone?

While utilising your cell phone while is charging, attempt to keep the phone far from the body as this would lessen the strength of the electromagnetic field of the radiations. If possible, utilise the speaker-phone mode or a remote Bluetooth headset while you are talking with someone.

Avoid from conveying your mobile phone on your body at all times. When in the pocket, ensure that keypad is situated toward your body so that the transmitted electromagnetic fields move far from you instead of through you. Try not to keep it close to your body during the evening and sleep time, for example, under a pillow or a bedside table, especially if you are pregnant women. You can likewise put it on offline or flight mode, which stops electromagnetic outflows. Abstain from utilising your mobile phone when the signal is weak or when you are moving at high speed, for example, in train or automobile.

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