The 16 Signs That Our Liver Has Many Toxins That Make Us Gain Weight!

The liver is one of the most crucial organs in the body. It takes care of toxin dealing and filtering everything that enters the organism. 

Also it flushes those toxins among many other tasks it has. The liver has more than 400 functions, from fat digestion to storage of minerals/vitamins, processing nutrient foods and more. This is why it is a main organ, as many experts say this.

Do not make it work harder and burdened since it may cause health problems that are fatal!

How does liver work with the toxins?

The first detox stage means enzyme usage for transforming toxins into not so harmful items. Then the second is coupling the toxins with molecules and increasing solubility to water to get them flushed out.

Proactive liver

Even with healthy life habits, many people get the toxins anyway. So, we must detox the liver once in a while and keep the body clean.

Is the liver lazy or sluggish?

The people with sluggish livers must know that their liver cannot deal with the toxins all at once due to the big buildup in the fat tissues. If the toxins get in, they stay that way until the liver is strong to remove them. Many signs clear up that the liver is lazy and sluggish. Make some changes and steps to detox.

The clear signs are: fatigue, dull headaches, bad emotions, muscle pain, bad fat digestion, allergy, depression, anxiety, bad breath, chemical sensitivity and weight gain. It is important to remember that health is one part FOOD.

Healthy body needs healthy food! Remove processed foods and sugars and eat healthier.

Also, make your own meals, cook and engage in this. It is easy once you try it.

Follow these advises:

Purchase organic
NO GMO foods and opt for fruits/veggies

Have a balanced diet

Whole foods, animal/plant proteins, grains, fermented foods, good fats and seeds/nuts.

No inflammation causing oils

Avoid canola oil for cooking and also the soybean/vegetable/sunflower oils

Have a lot of water

Drink CLEAN PURE water. ½ of your weight in oz (for example, 150 lbs = 75 oz)

Consume healthy fats like avocado, ghee, coconut, grass-fed butter


Chia seeds, golden flaxseed, artichokes, broccoli, avocado and Brussels sprouts

No refined sugars and treats

Avoid white sugar, sugar cane, beet sugar and cane juice

LIMIT fructose

Avoid more fructose than 20-25 g maximum

Eat leafy green vegetables with folate, potassium and vitamin C

Eat sulfur foods

Broccoli, eggs, asparagus, onion, garlic and kale

Limit or stop alcohol use and have kombucha

The 3 best liver foods

One is the globe artichoke of the thistle group. This plant increases bile making. It has a lot of fiber and reduces bad LDL cholesterol. When cooked, is also good as it is raw and has antioxidants that block free radical damage.

Another such food is the turmeric. Reduces inflammation and makes the liver regenerated. Mix it with turmeric and healthy fats or try golden milk.

Then we have the milk thistle, the amazing herb for liver health. It has the item silymarin that is anti-fibrotic, antivirus, antioxidant and anti-inflammation agent too. Stops damage to the liver and protects its cells. Or if you want milk thistle, take the GMO free one as supplement or as liquid form, you choose.


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